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Staci LaToison

Empowering Entrepreneurs and

Corporate Professionals to Dream Bigger.

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Dreams into Reality

Staci LaToison, an award-winning impact investor, global speaker, consultant, podcast host and bestselling author, founded Dream Big Ventures, a multifaceted platform focused on empowering career-driven women through professional development, community engagement, and investment opportunities. With over 22 years of experience at Chevron managing global teams and billion-dollar budgets, including pivotal roles in China and Angola, she launched Dream Big, aimed at empowering career minded women to go places in their careers they never knew possible. 


Through her podcast, 'Her Money Moves,' she delves into inspiring journeys, offering practical tips and strategies to bolster women's financial futures. Emphasizing the impact of women in leadership, 'Her Money Moves' demonstrates how empowered women can advance industries, uplift communities, and drive the global economy forward.

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Embark on a transformative journey with 'Fortaleza: Strength of Mind, Body, and Soul,' a powerful anthology co-authored by me and 21 other inspiring Latinos. Dive into stories of triumph over life's challenges, finding inspiration and empowerment on every page. Join us in discovering the resilience within, and embrace the strength of the human spirit.

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Staci LaToison aims to inspire women to stand confidently in their power, dream bigger and fearlessly forge their own unique paths.

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A proud Latina, Staci uses her story of resilience to inspire women, Latinos, and other underestimated groups to stand confidently in their power, dream bigger and fearlessly forge their own unique paths.

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Staci LaToison speaking topics include Women and Wealth, Dreaming Big and a Commitment to Clean Energy. Staci is available to moderate panels, deliver keynote speeches, or perform motivational talks.

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