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Learning about financial wellness from Staci LaToison

In this KPRC-2 Segment, Staci LaToison, host of Her Money Moves podcast, shares importance of financial wellness, especially for women.


Top business professionals you should know about in 2024

In this Digital Journal article, discover the top business professionals making waves in 2024, including Staci LaToison. Learn about her innovative approach to financial empowerment for women and her influential contributions to the business world. Explore how she's making a difference through her podcast, Her Money Moves, and her venture, Dream Big Ventures LLC.


Thrive & Inspire ’24: Staci LaToison Envisions World Where ‘Every Girl Can Dream Bigger’

In this Houston City Book feature, uncover the inspiring journey of Staci LaToison, a dynamic entrepreneur and advocate for women's financial empowerment. Explore her remarkable contributions to the business world and her mission to empower women through her podcast, Her Money Moves, and her venture, Dream Big Ventures LLC.


Latino Leaders Magazine

In this Latino Leaders piece, Staci LaToison is showcased, highlighting her impactful work and leadership journey. Explore the magazine to discover more about her inspiring contributions to the business world.


How Staci LaToison Is Changing the VC Game for Women Entrepreneurs

In this US Reporter piece, Staci LaToison is changing the VC game for women, breaking barriers and paving the way for greater diversity and inclusion in the investment landscape. Dive into the article to learn more about Staci's impactful journey and her mission to empower women in the world of venture capital.


The Alumni Society

In this The Alumni Society post, Adela Cepeda, esteemed member of The Alumni Society, featured on Her Money Moves podcast hosted by Staci LaToison. With a career spanning influential roles at BMO and UBS Fund, Adela shares invaluable financial insights. 


This Platform With $1.2 Billion In Investment Capital Helps Close The Latina Founder Investing Gap

In this Forbes piece, delve into the empowering story behind a groundbreaking platform with a $12B investment capital, dedicated to closing the Latina founder investing gap. Explore how this innovative initiative is reshaping the landscape for Latina entrepreneurs and investors, driving inclusivity and opportunity in the startup ecosystem.


Hispanic C-Suite Corporate Council (HC3) to Host NFL Draft Hispanic Celebration

In this Yahoo Finance piece, Staci Latoison, Founder and CEO of Dream Big Ventures LLC, is highlighted for her role as a member of the Hispanic C-Suite Corporate Council. She shares insights on empowering Hispanic professionals and advancing diversity and inclusion in corporate leadership.


7 Key Signs You Need To Be More Involved With Your Money by Martin Dasko

In this GoBankingRates feature, Staci LaToison shares her insights on the importance of being more engaged with personal finances. The article highlights Staci's expertise in financial literacy and her commitment to empowering individuals to take control of their financial futures. Staci's contributions offer practical advice and strategies to help readers enhance their financial well-being and achieve their goals.


Warren Buffett’s Mystery Stock: 4 Expert Takes on What You Should Buy by Yaёl Bizouati-Kennedy


This Yahoo Finance piece delves into the enigmatic stock choices of Warren Buffett, one of the world's most renowned investors, and presents insights from four experts, including Staci. With her wealth of experience, Staci offers nuanced perspectives on investment strategies, market dynamics, and potential opportunities for investors. 


A Call For A Systemic Dismantling: These Women Refuse To Be Hidden Figures In The Development Of AI by Hessie Jones

In this Forbes piece, Staci LaToison is quoted alongside remarkable women. The article emphasizes their collective commitment to challenging systemic barriers, refusing to be hidden figures in AI's development. It calls for a systemic dismantling to foster diversity and inclusion, showcasing the stories of women making significant strides in the field.


Staci LaToison of Dream Big Ventures, LLC Participates as Judge for 2024 Code Launch – Houston, TX

In this press release, Staci LaToison of Dream Big Ventures LLC serves as a judge for the 2024 Code Launch event in Houston, TX. Joining a panel of industry experts, Staci evaluates innovative tech solutions and supports emerging entrepreneurs in the vibrant startup ecosystem.


Staci LaToison Moderates Panel & Speaks on Financial Wellness During Women's History Month at Discovery Green

In this press release, Staci LaToison moderates a panel and speaks on financial wellness during Women's History Month at Discovery Green. Sharing insights and empowering women, Staci highlights the importance of financial literacy and economic empowerment in today's society.

Hispanic Executive logo

7 VCs and Organizations Helping Latino Entrepreneurs by Monica Talan


Learn about the work of a few of the numerous organizations, VCs, and leaders supporting Latino entrepreneurship.


Hispanic Heritage Month: Four Leaders Igniting Positive Change by the Greater Houston Community Foundation

The featured article celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by spotlighting four leaders making significant positive contributions. Staci LaToison is recognized among these leaders, emphasizing her commitment to empowering underrepresented groups, particularly women, and fostering positive change within the community


Modern Luxury Houston Magazine - December Edition


The Charity Event, known as the Model of the Year Awards, was held on November 30th at Rise Rooftop. The occasion specifically recognizes the exceptional accomplishments of "Women of Influence" who have made significant contributions to society through volunteerism and philanthropy.


What’s preventing Latino businesses from growing?

interview covers how Chicago’s small businesses have always been a big part of thriving neighborhoods. In the Little Village community, you can find a string of them generating millions of dollars each year. Now a group of investors is working to make sure many Latino-owned businesses have the ability to keep growing. 


Discovery Green® Announces New Additions to Board of Directors


Discovery Green Conservancy recently announced the appointment of new Board of Directors members representing a wide array of industries across Houston’s business landscape. The recent appointments include Staci LaToison, founder and CEO of Dream Big Ventures LLC.


Houston Hospice family shares their powerful resilience at 22nd Butterfly Luncheon by The Katy News


The Houston Hospice Butterfly Luncheon welcomed more than 180 guests to The Junior League of Houston, Friday, March 24, 2023. This year’s event raised over $155,000 in support of Houston Hospice and its Butterfly Program for pediatric hospice patients and their families. 


Green® 2023 Raises Over $800K by Discovery Green

Discovery Green Conservancy’s Annual Gala on the Green brought together 350 supporters of the urban green space, raising over $800,000. 

University of Houston logo

UH College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences welcomes 7 members to Dean's Advisory Board by George Sanders


The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Houston welcomes seven new members to its Dean's Advisory Board. These distinguished industry leaders bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the board, as well as opportunities for engaging new communities.

Houston Business Journal logo

Houston Business Journal names 2022 Women Who Mean Business honorees by Business Journal staff


The Houston Business Journal has named 105 women as honorees for the 2022 Women Who Mean Business Awards, recognizing women in leadership roles who have demonstrated excellence in their careers and community. See Staci's mention under "Outstanding Business Leaders in Energy"

DivInc Houston logo

DivInc Houston launches Women in Tech accelerator, names first cohort by Sofia Gonzalez


DivInc Houston, a nonprofit that aims to remove barriers to help entrepreneurs, especially people of color and women, launched its new "Women in Tech" accelerator on Sept. 19.


Houston Hospice Appoints Staci LaToison to Board of Directors by Texas Medical Center

Houston Hospice announced the appointment of Staci LaToison to its Board of Directors.

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How Latinas can climb the corporate ladder by Jensen Toussaint

The 30th annual HACR Symposium featured a panel of three successful Latina professionals who provided tips on this very important topic.



Staci LaToison's Profile at Rice University Jones School of Business.


Staci LaToison's Profile at Discovery Green Conservancy Board Of Directors

Houston Hospice logo

Staci LaToison's Profile at Houston Hospice Executive Board of Directors

Angeles Investors logo

Staci LaToison's Profile at Angeles Ventures Fund Advisory Board


Staci LaToison joined as a member of the Private Directors Association


Videos & Podcasts:


The everyday jefa Podcast

Jefas Making Money Moves with Staci Latoison

Get ready for a deep dive into Staci’s inspiring career journey from her days at Chevron to living abroad in China and Angola! Staci shares her insights on making the leap from corporate life to entrepreneurship and why investing in women-led businesses is crucial.

Forgin the future logo

Forging The Future with Chris Howard

A Women-Led Future in Venture Capital with Dream Big Ventures’ Staci Latoison

Staci Latoison, Founder and CEO of Dream Big Ventures, tackles the disheartening statistic that only 2% of investment funds go to female founders and injects some serious girl power into the Softeq Venture Studio. As a former Chevron manager, Staci learned the importance of giving women of color the opportunity to speak up in business settings. Now, tackling the venture world, Staci aims to put women and BIPOC led startups on the map and to show what women can accomplish when they invest in themselves.

Vibes by Alicia podcast logo

Vibes by Alicia

Staci LaToison is breaking barriers and empowering women to pursue their dreams!

Staci LaToison is a powerhouse Latina in the Houston community, having achieved success in corporate America, venture capital, and private equity. She is a lifelong learner and passionate advocate for the underrepresented, having overcome her own challenges as a young mother.

Two black guys with good credit logo

Two Black Guys with Good Credit

Women's History Month Profile: Staci Latoison

This episode we celebrate Women's History Month by paying tribute to Ms. Staci Latoison. Staci, has spent 22 years working for Chevron in a mostly male dominated industry. She has managed to navigate her career and find success while raising two children as a single mother. Her story is not only inspirational but journey that needs to be shared. Pod'up good people because this episode will empower you to achieve your greatness!

Snowball wealth podcast logo

Snowball Wealth Podcast

Becoming the First Latina Founded Venture Capital Fund in Texas


Staci LaToison discusses her journey from working in corporate America to becoming the founder of Dream Big Ventures, the first Latina-founded venture capital fund in Texas. Staci shares how her experiences in the corporate world and her passion for supporting underrepresented communities drove her to start Dream Big Ventures, which is focused on investing in diverse founders and giving opportunities to the underrepresented.

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